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Party Bus Seattle FAQ

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It is understandable that an investment in luxury transportation rentals might garner some questions. Believe us, we get quite a lot of questions regarding our services, our vehicles, our chauffeurs, and even our maintenance crew on a day to day basis. Putting your mind at ease is just a part of what we're happy to do for you. So if you have a question (that isn't addressed here), we want to hear it! As the old adage goes... The only bad question, is one that remains unasked. We are always here to help you! It's simply what we do.

How do I find out if this vehicle available?

In order for us to let you know about availability, the quickest way for you to find out is to give us a call. Email is also a great option, and only slightly less immediate.

Is it okay to smoke in the vehicle?

Unfortunately we do not allow for smoking in any of the vehicles. We do this primarily to keep them clean and smelling fresh. However, we do allow for stopping whenever it is safe. If you would like what we call a "comfort break", simply let your chauffeur know. We'll be happy to oblige as soon as it is possible.

Is it okay to drink alcohol while on the road?

Sure is! If everyone aboard is at the legal age, everyone is more than welcome to bring along as many drinks as we can carry. Since most vehicles have multiple coolers, that can be quite a lot.

Would a party bus or limousine be better for us?

Excellent question. Both can be used pretty much interchangeably. The stretch limousine can offer a bit more of what is regarded as a traditionally elegant entrance & appearance. However, you will sacrifice a little when it comes to headroom, ease of entry, and legroom. Our party buses (or limo bus to some) also will offer a very elegant appearance. They are all modern with clean and refined exteriors. However, you lose absolutely nothing when you step inside. Plus you will be adding the ability to stand and walk down the aisle as opposed to scooting down a seat. This makes a big difference when in wedding clothes, or other dressy attire.

In the end, both are great choices. If they weren't, we would not offer both! Our rental advisers will be able to further advise and recommend based on your personal preferences, group size, and the type of event you will be attending.

Are we obligated to tip the driver?

In short, no. We do not believe an obligatory tip would be a tip. We believe that if a tip is required, it becomes a fee. We don't like fees, and we guarantee that any additional fees will be fully disclosed.

Can we add additional time onto our run on the day of our event?

You are more than welcome to! Just let either your rental adviser know, or your chauffeur on the day of.


iPod Compatible Sound System

Comfortable & Stylish Seating

Floor to Ceiling Dance Pole

Amazing Light Show

Multiple Big Screen TVs

Beautiful Hardwood Floors

Lots of room to mingle

Custom Cup Holders