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Finding a Seattle Wedding Planner

Wedding planners

You are heading into a land that is uncharted. Many pitfalls await you now that you are engaged and planning your wedding is on your mind. We have to be honest, the road ahead is littered with details, choices, and sinkholes. The best way to navigate through your wedding planning path is by hiring a professional wedding planner. We cannot overstate how important having a wedding planner can be. Let's just say that you will in no enjoy the process as much without one. So, the question becomes, how can you find the right one for you? Well, before you seek any candidates, you will want to know a few pieces of information. You will want to determine what your budget is for your entire wedding. How many guests will you be having at your wedding? What is the date and time of your wedding? And what is your vision and overall design ideas for your ceremony and reception? Once you have determined all of this information, you can start interviewing potential wedding planners in the Seattle area. To get the most out of your interview, be armed with the following questions.

A key question to ask any of your candidates is why did they become a wedding planner in the first place. This allow you to gain insight as to their motivations. Some people get into a certain area of work just to make money but there are others who truly have a passion for a specific craft and who want to help others by employing their talents and skills. Find out how they think on their feet. Ask them about the most challenging wedding they have planned. What kinds of creative solutions did they come up with to pull it off? Are they certified and if the answer is yes, by whom? Where did they learn how to plan weddings? How long have they been doing it? Will they have any other clients leading up until your wedding date? Obviously, if someone is making a living as a wedding planner, they will have other clients. You just need to make sure that they are not overbooked. You will need quite a bit of communication between you and your planner so make sure that they will be available enough for your tastes.

Find out if the have worked at your chosen venues? This can be a wonderful advantage for you if they have. They will have already worked with the venue staff and understand how to work with them. In terms of vendors, do they have a list of recommended professionals or can you come to them with a suggestion? Do they get commission if you work with certain vendors? Will they help you with negotiating with vendors and reviewing contracts? If they have not already shown you by now, you will want to take a look at their packages. How often will you be updated on the planning progress?

We highly recommend that you ask for a breakdown of how your budget will be broken up and paid out for various facets of your wedding. How will you be expected to go about paying the planner? You can't go wrong by asking for references. By talking to past clients, you will get a first hand account of how the planner works and whether there were any problem issues that you need to consider. We cannot stress enough how much you should pay attention to each candidates response as you interview them. Are they a good listener? Were they open to your suggestions? Do they have a great personality and do you get along with them well. Are they willing to try and work withing your budget? After asking all of these questions, you should have a pretty good idea about each candidate. A word to the wise, do not hire anyone that you do not feel would be the perfect fit for your wedding needs.

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