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Bars & Restaurants in Boulevard Park

Zippy's Giant Burgers

9614 14th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

(206) 763-1347

Zippy's Giant Burgers is a low-priced spot that will never disappoint when you're out and about in Boulevard Park with Party Bus Seattle. The zip royale, their namesake burger, is the most amazing thing you'll ever see on a plate. Just packed with flavor, a classic burger the way it should be done. Always, always, always order extra special sauce. It is so good, you'll want to slather your fries in it. The tater tots are also a must-have. Great onion rings too! They really do have it all here! Not a full bar, but they do have beer and wine, and a pretty nice selection at that.


9608 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

(206) 257-1162

Company is a modern bar where you'll feel right at home during your Party Bus Seattle outings in Boulevard Park. It's one of the newest establishments in this area and it's already made a pretty impressive splash. The bacon-wrapped gorgonozola stuffed dates are the perfect starter. Don't overlook the famous croquettes and definitely dive into some chickpea fries as a side no matter what you get for your main dish! Generous hours here, until midnight most nights and until 2 on Fri/Sat, but note that they are closed entirely on Sundays. Hey, everybody deserves a day off!

Greenbridge Cafe

9901 8th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

(206) 762-3447

Greenbridge Cafe is a soup and sandwich place that everybody who travels with Party Bus Seattle in the Boulevard Park area just loves. It's a really refreshing atmosphere, beautifully decorated and yet kept simple, and the service is the kind that is all too hard to find nowadays. Abuelita's tuna salad sandwich is one of our favorite dishes on the menu and we also love the chorizo hash. The fries with lemon aioli will really tickle your taste buds, and how about the grilled cheese sandwiches or the potato cheddar soup? We can't say enough positive things!

Marv's Broiler

9808 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

(206) 763-1412

Marv's Broiler is one of those hole in the wall dive bars that just about anyone can appreciate. It's really old school, authentic to its original spirit from back in the day, and we hope that they keep it that way. Some things just never need to change. The yummy greasy cheeseburgers are so cheap and so delicious, and the fries are also a grease-fest of epic proportions (we mean that in the best way possible!). The drinks are just unbelievably cheap, and yet they are good and strong, never watered down. They do have some outdoor seating here and they accept credit cards!

Loretta's Northwesterner

8617 14th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108

(206) 327-9649

Loretta's Northwesterner is a great burger bar where you and your Party Bus Seattle friends will enjoy hanging out late into the Boulevard Park evenings. Super affordable and with a menu that's loaded with great bar favorites, like their mouth watering bacon cheeseburgers, what's not to love about this place? They have a fantastic back patio area featuring an airstream trailer with a record player in it, a second bar, and even a ping pong table. It's easy to see why so many Party Bus Seattle parties while their nights away her.e Open til 2:00 am most nights!

Crawfish House

9826 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

(206) 588-1613

Crawfish House is THE destination in the Boulevard Park area for our seafood-loving Party Bus Seattle customers! They have the best Cajun and Creole seafood for you to dig into, and in such a cozy casual atmosphere too. This isn't the kind of place where you feel you have to be dressed to the nines, so if you've got a casual party bus group together, this might be ideal. The fried pickles are a must-have, the deep fried oysters as a delicacy that you have to taste to believe, and the seafood boil is just pure perfection, seasoned so expertly and cooked just right.

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iPod Compatible Sound System

Comfortable & Stylish Seating

Floor to Ceiling Dance Pole

Amazing Light Show

Multiple Big Screen TVs

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Lots of room to mingle

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