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Bars & Restaurants in Black Diamond

Black Diamond Bakery & Restaurant

32805 Railroad Ave, Black Diamond, WA 98010

(360) 886-2235

Black Diamond Bakery & Restaurant is a real standout for our Party Bus Seattle groups in this area. Not only is the bakery a wonderful place to pick up tasty baked goods to enjoy in your Party Bus Seattle vehicle or later on at home, but the restaurant is the perfect spot for breakfast or lunch. The cinnamon bread French toast is something that we have never been able to resist, and the coconut cream pie is a must-have for dessert. We love the little peach half and mini muffin that comes free at the beginning of your meal. Great shrimp Louie salads and Cobbs too!

Mama Passarelli's Dinner House

24306 Roberts Dr, Black Diamond, WA 98010

(360) 886-2524

Mama Passarelli's Dinner House is an Italian restaurant and steakhouse that provides a really lovely atmosphere for our Party Bus Seattle customers to enjoy. We love the historic building, and though it can be a little chilly on the colder nights of the year, we think you'll feel all warm and toasty looking at all the antiques and classic photographs hanging on the walls. The creamy chicken soup is some of the best that we have ever tasted and we're absolutely in love with the linguine with vodka sauce! There is of course a full bar here but no TV, no sports!

Boots Tavern

31117 3rd Ave, Black Diamond, WA 98010

(360) 886-2659

Sometimes when you're out with your Party Bus Seattle group, all you really want is to have some cheap drinks and shoot a little pool. If so, a great little dive bar like Boots Tavern will serve your needs very well. It's as simple as it gets here, dim and cozy like the good ol' bars back in the day, and there's enough room for your bigger party bus groups to spread out and enjoy yourselves. We like the fact that they accept credit cards, as some dive bars still don't! Rack up some cue balls, grab a stick, and get competitive with your buddies while you have a great time!

Black Diamond Pizza & Deli

32700 Railroad Ave, Black Diamond, WA 98010

(360) 886-9217

Black Diamond Pizza & Deli is always a good one for Party Bus Seattle groups to visit. While the pizza and sandwiches are what they're best known for, they also have some tantalizing treats that you might not expect to find, like fish! The cod is just wonderful. As far as the sandwiches go, our crew has always been partial to the Italian grinder with pastrami, salami, and pepperoni. Just too delish! The homemade cheesecake is a must-have for dessert, so do try and save some room for it! No full bar here, but a nice selection of beer and wine. No TVs, so no sports!

The Swinging Arm

30741 3rd Ave, Black Diamond, WA 98010

(360) 886-5074

The Swinging Arm is a beautiful restaurant with polished concrete flooring, twenty foot ceilings, and a wide array of locally produced artwork hanging on the walls. It's a spacious and trendy atmosphere, and a wonderful place to watch some sports too, since they have flat screen TVs carefully placed for just the right viewing angle no matter where you're seated. The full bar is on one side and the dining area is on the other, making it easy to choose your ambiance based on your mood. A gorgeous place to have a special Party Bus Seattle celebration!

Farrelli's Wood Fire Pizza

26642 Maple Valley Black Diamond Rd SE, Maple Valley, WA 98038

(425) 584-7340

Pizza lovers traveling in the Black Diamond area with Party Bus Seattle will really love having a hearty dinner at Farrelli's Wood Fire Pizza. We like the fact that they have gluten-free options for our party bus travelers who require that, and we're just big fans of the classic pizzas and salads here in general. Everything is packed with flavor and really done so well. We would highly recommend reserving the tap table for your parties, as that's such a blast! Love the chop chop and the meat eater's! Open til 12 most nights and until 2 on Fri/Sat!

Black Diamond Zip Codes: 98010, 98022


iPod Compatible Sound System

Comfortable & Stylish Seating

Floor to Ceiling Dance Pole

Amazing Light Show

Multiple Big Screen TVs

Beautiful Hardwood Floors

Lots of room to mingle

Custom Cup Holders