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Bars & Restaurants in Arbor Heights

Endolyne Joe's

9261 45th Avenue South West, Seattle, WA 98136

(206) 937-5637

Endolyne Joe's has really made a big splash with our Party Bus Seattle partygoers in the Arbor Heights neighborhood. This is a restaurant and bar that is really well known for its happy hour as well as for their incredible food, including the mouth watering mac and cheese and the finger-lickin'-good fried chicken! We love the fact that they rotate the menu monthly to highlight different types of food from all over the globe! We can't think of another place anywhere that does this. The fixed menu will comfort those who aren't so into change!


9608 16th Avenue South West, Seattle, WA 98106

(206) 257-1162

Not to sound like a broken record but... Here's another awesome bar that's always a smart visit for our Arbor Heights area Party Bus Seattle travelers. This is one of the newer places around here and they have really made a big impression already. They're known for a few enticing items, including the delectable Cuban Sandwich, the Steak Salad, the chickpea fries, the croquettes, and the tots! The beer selection is definitely something to write home about, and so is that awesome well-stocked juke box. Fabulous happy hour prices. The msot recommended nights are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Zippy's Giant Burgers

9614 14th Avenue South West, Seattle, WA 98106

(206) 763-1347

For a ginormous burger, you'll want to visit another one of the stars in the Arbor Heights area when it comes to really delicious hamburgers. This is a well known fact to our Party Bus Seattle partygoers and they choose this one as a lunch or dinner destination on a very regular basis. The Zip Royale is the go-to burger on the menu if you ask us. It is a true classic in its own right. Next, the tater tots are the essential side, at least in our opinion, but the crispy onion rings are really good, too. And we can't forget the special sauce, which is something else that they are known for. Always order extra! Not open too late here, but until 10pm on the weekends!

Roxbury Lanes & Roxy's Casino

2823 SW Roxbury Street, Seattle, WA 98126

(206) 935-7400

Roxbury Lanes & Roxy's Casino definitely have you covered for your entertainment needs in Arbor Heights. This is a seriously fun place to spend a nigh out with your friends! Games, food, drink, there's so much to do! In terms of the food, you'll be able to get your hands on some yummy bar food like mozzarella cheese sticks and onion rings, just so greasy and good! They have some great specials on two-hour bowling packages that will help you to save some dough during your Party Bus Seattle trip, though you might lose a little at the casino too! But then again, maybe Lady Luck will be smiling in your favor tonight... so gamble it up and have a good time!

Marv's Broiler

9808 16th Avenue South West, Seattle, WA 98106

(206) 763-1412

If you fancy yourself a comfortable, established locales... Don't miss out on this dive bar that's got a special place in all of our hearts in the Arbor Heights area, and that's true of our Party Bus Seattle groups too. There's more than enough room here to accommodate your burgeoning groups, and the old fashioned ambiance is something that nobody is ever able to resist. A real throwback to the good old days. Historically, this was an actual sit-down restaurant rather than just a dive bar, so you may enjoy chatting up the staff and finding out some of that history. Great drink prices all the time!


9214 45th Avenue South West, Seattle, WA 98136

(206) 935-8595

Guadalajara is a Mexican restaurant that will serve your needs very well when you are traveling with Party Bus Seattle in the Arbor Heights vicinity. They have authentic cuisine that is made fresh and is full of flavor! We love the fact that they have both restaurant and bar under one roof, and that the bar seating is so comfortable to sipping your sangria and margaritas. There are dozens of dishes that we'd recommend so highly here, but at the top of the tops are pollo a la creme, camarones al mojo de ajo, and of course their biggest strawberry margarita to wash it all down! Great fish tacos as well!

Arbor Heights Zip Codes: 98126, 98136, 98146


iPod Compatible Sound System

Comfortable & Stylish Seating

Floor to Ceiling Dance Pole

Amazing Light Show

Multiple Big Screen TVs

Beautiful Hardwood Floors

Lots of room to mingle

Custom Cup Holders